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Fri, Mar. 5th, 2010, 09:38 am
seta_suzume: Suikoden series - Sasarai

Title: Bare-Handed Policy
Fandom: Suikoden II/III
Character: Sasarai
Theme set: Alpha
Disclaimer: Sasarai and Suikoden belong to Konami~
Rating: PG

#01 - Speak

His voice was lost in the chatter of the troops, scuffing of impatient horses, and snap of fire as someone accidentally set a bag of fire scrolls alight.

#02 - Touch

He could tell the high quality of the book just by running his fingers over the page and feeling how smooth the paper was.

#03 - Memory

It was embarrassing when a colleague corrected him publicly, showing his memory was not quite as sharp as he liked to claim.

#04 - Vanilla

When he was young, Sister Bati would hold him and he would lay his head on her shoulder, breathing in her homey scent of chocolate and vanilla.

#05 - Chocolate

Peaches and strawberries dipped in chocolate greeted him on a tray for a birthday breakfast in bed.

#06 - Ways and Means

For better or for worse, Sasarai had decided he was the only one who knew how to reach the goals he had set for the nation without sacrificing most of its people; he would have to act as he saw fit.

#07 - Belief

The bright sun shining down on his hair through the circular window above made him feel cradled by securely in the hands of heaven despite the turmoil swirling around him on earth.

#08 - Linger

Hikusaak waved him away, but he hung in the doorway a few minutes longer, waiting for a call to return that never came.

#09 - Illuminance

His tiny rune lamp shed a red glow across the pages of his late night reading, his eager fingers straining to turn the page, and his rapt, wide-eyed face.

#10 - Ornament

Sasarai pinned a golden flower in his hair and studied his enhanced reflection in the mirror, wishing it were more acceptable for men to deck themselves with elaborate hair ornaments.

#11 - Coup de foudre

"Oh," he reeled, struck by the sudden inner pain of the epiphany, "I love him and even if he lives to see one hundred someday I will be there at his funeral!"

#12 - Archway

He leaned back in the shadow of the archway, hidden from the view of the cheerful group of other young priests enjoying a picnic on the Temple grounds.

#13 - Fate

Certainly he believed in fate, but he couldn't see how it would do any good to dwell on it too much.

#14 - Pulse

In the winter he slept like the hibernating soil nurturing seeds for the spring- an assistant, in fear, reached out to feel his wrist for a pulse.

#15 - Envelope

The envelope delivered to him remained unopened because he feared the words of its writer: Sarah.

#16 - Cold

He was sensitive to the cold, like a greenhouse orchid, and trembled at the first wind of winter sweeping out of the mountains.

#17 - Need

His quarters were modest; his desires were emotional.

#18 - Drunk

Leaving the annual party on the eve of the New Year, he staggered toward his quarters in a haze of alcohol that did nothing to mask his fears and loneliness and regrets.

#19 - Mask

Luc had chosen a literal, physical mask, but Sasarai opted, like the other bishops, for the more treacherous, invisible mask of his own face.

#20 - Rose

They didn't have roses at the Temple, but Dios had plenty at his house and he brought a vase of them from time to time to share their brilliant color.

#21 - Two

He was used to being part of a pair as a twin, as a son, and as the bearer of a True Rune.

#22 - Fresh

He knelt in the damp soil right beside his plants, knowing the best tasting tomato came straight from the vine.

#23 - Bribe

"I can't accept that," he folded shut the outstretched hand and tried to pretend he had never seen its contents.

#24 - Error

"You always make the most intriguing mistakes, Sasarai," Bishop Kaeyani remarked in a voice both calm and slick, "I often pass over them at first, thinking you too sharp to err, but then I see how I was mistaken."

#25 - Appetite

The kitchen beckoned and Sasarai answered its call, coming to watch and wait while Sister Bati finished concocting his dinner.

#26 - Refrain

"Discretion," he told himself, "Self-discipline," biting his tongue at Ket's stinging assessment of the people he had come to know in the Grasslands.

#27 - Family

Treated as he was so often as an orphan, Sasarai had to wonder, what kind of father was Hikusaak?

#28 - Grieve

He was so hopelessly emotional that even Sasarai himself couldn't say why he never felt the urge to cry at funerals.

#29 - Vapor

Scents clung to the damp air of the swamp that he found both unfamiliar and disconcerting and he wondered yet again what would possess anyone to make them voluntarily come and live there.

#30 - Tea

"Jasmine, orange, peach, rose, bergamot, white, red, green, black, mixed, local, imported: what kind would you like?"

#31 - Medicine

He was tired of that bitter taste.

#32 - Moth

The shadow of the moth on the wall as it fluttered by his lamp was more frighteneing than the actual moth.

#33 - Perfect

Nika slung the dust cloth over her shoulder and stretched her aching body as she surveyed Sasarai's room- after a week of work she had finally gotten it perfectly clean...but he would be home tomorrow.

#34 - Rope

"This rope is almost worn through, Dios, it's unsafe," Sasarai observed, surveying the camp, "It should be replaced immediately."

#35 - Wind

The gust was strong enough to blow his hat off- this itself was a warning sign.

#36 - Crossroads

To Crystal Valley, to address the Counsel and sort things out, or to Budehuc Castle, to grasp the reins of fate in his own hands?

#37 - Summer

If he fell asleep outside like that again he might very well be burned by the same sun he was enjoying so much.

#38 - Candy

He was unashamed of being such a sweet tooth that he knew all of the best places in the capital to purchase candy.

#39 - Photograph

It was never turning down an opportunity or request that quickly made him the most photographed bishop in the country.

#40 - Spoon

He stirred a bit of Karayan pepper into the soup and all but licked the bowl cleaning, settling for sucking on the spoon.

#41 - Forest

The trees of Kuput welcome him like one of their own and Yumi and Yuiri were forced to reassess the small and powerful Harmonian.

#42 - Mirror

How could he reject the words of a face just like his own?

#43 - Smoke

The feeling of uneasiness turned to one of panic as he realized the plume of smoke was coming from the central building of the Temple.

#44 - Shine

Only a sincere smile gave off that special glint.

#45 - Balloon

Flimsy decorations drifted on a breeze above the capital on a festival day.

#46 - Vine

If the stones of the house of the country were about to fall, how could a mere vine hope to hold them in place?

#47 - Butterfly

He laughed to see a butterfly think the cloth flowers in Rosalyn Lovell'es hair were just as real as he had thought them minutes earlier.

#48 - Gloves

"Bare hands are honest hand," he said; his policy.

#49 - Venom

The worst poison of all was found in the words of people.

#50 - Remain

When his friends were gone, when their children were gone, when the nation prospered, when the nation fell to ruin, as long as fate and his rune wished it, Sasarai would remain.